Tuesday, May 16, 2006


OK I hate to admit it. We have pet rabbits and through an unforutnate experiment of trying to divide the female from the males using mesh - the lady got pregnant. I was not real happy about this. A couple of weeks ago she had TEN babies. Sad thing - 4 died, but we managed to keep two of the really little ones alive using cat milk so we now have six pretty healthy baby rabbits. You know what - they're pretty stinkin' cute. They fit into your had and curl up there and sleep. I'm sure in a few weeks they will big and uncute and I will be ready to give them away! Except for maybe the littlest runt. We named him Bunnicula after a famous kid's book.

Why are animals always so fun and cute when their little babies and then they grow up to be not so interesting. Maybe that's why I work with children!


april said...

Too cute. And no we don't want one when you decide to give them away. 2 cats and a dog and chris is enough to take care of!!

Parker Puppets said...

Oh no more Martins, and disregard what April said about me. We gona have a little talk when I get home if you know what I mean.

Slimey said...

Pastor Marty,

I know what you mean about working with kids! Those teenagers are tough, EVEN THE GOOD ONES!

But I'm with April, NONE for us! 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 boys (age 5 and 43) and 2 girls are enough to handle even in this BIG house!