Monday, July 26, 2010

"Food, Glorious Food" by the Emineminems

Julia and Noah, Blake and Tanner, and Avery created and rehearsed this masterpiece in the van, then performed for us in the parking lot of America's Incredible Pizza Co in Davenport, IA

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kids have fun with Uncle Joe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Big Announcement

This is something I have waited to talk about for months. In fact I have waited so long that a few of you have have gotten the scoop early, just couldn't wait to tell a few folks! God never cease to amaze me, and here is another example of how amazing He is.

If you read this blog or follow my facebook page at all, you know that a few months ago we decided to pursue another path of ministry. At that time I was feeling I needed to take an extended break from the "daily grind" of children's ministry in a local church. Yet I still wanted to be involved in children's ministry in some way, most likely in a para-church ministry, doing some speaking and training. At the same time we prayed and really felt it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of taking a year or two or three traveling the country (or continent) in an RV before my family got too old for me to see this dream become a reality.

As you may know I spoke to a few friends and family about this, to get some insight and advice and ask for prayer. Well one of those friends was the Kidologist, Karl Bastian, founder of What I did not know was at the same time Karl had been praying for an extension of the Kidology ministry that would take the ministry into the local churches across the US. Wow, could this have a coincidence. Not with God!

Of course we did not jump in without more prayer and time to let God redirect, but God continued to confirm He was leading in this direction. If you are familiar with children's ministry at all then you understand how humbled I am to be able to work for the premiere children's ministry website and a visionary leader like Karl Bastian. For more information on the

Kidology to Go ministry please click this link for the website with videos, booking info, schedules and eventually a webcam of our journeys, plus much more!

Friday, July 09, 2010

A teen in the house

So here I am on the eve of teenagerdom in my home. Thirteen years ago I never dreamed this day would come. I mean really how could that little purple ball of cooing flesh turn into a smelly hormone enraged walking moodiness with skin problems?
Well things aren't going to change overnight with Blake. Granted he already has demonstrated some changes, like not wanting to hug his dad too often and wanting to sleep in. But overall he is pretty decent for a 13 year old.

So my main goal for the next 7 years as a father of a teenager. To keep the communication lines open and to stay connected to my son's heart! I'm sure it will be a ride full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns, but I look forward to each and every one of them. Soon Tanner will
join him in the realm of teenagerdom. When Tanner turns 20, Chase will turn 13. So I have the next 16 years to look forward to dealing with at least one teenager in the house. I guess I should buckle up and by a gross of Speedstick!