Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Acetone and Styrofoam

Title of Experiment: Acetone and Styrofoam

How I got the idea for this experiment: I saw this experiment done before so I thought why don’t I do this experiment for the science fair? That way I could learn as much as I could about it.
Question or Problem: I wanted to find out why acetone dissolved Styrofoam.
Prediction or Hypotheses: I thought that it was because acetone has some sort of chemicals that would dissolve Styrofoam. I thought maybe acetone had an acid make-up.
Materials used: Acetone, Styrofoam head, glass bowl
Steps taken: I put the Styrofoam head in a bowl. Then I took some acetone and poured it all over the Styrofoam head.
What happened/observations: The Styrofoam head dissolved and turned into goo sort of like really wet mud.
What did I learn: I learned that they put gases into the Styrofoam that makes it all puff up. The acetone just releases the gases and turns the Styrofoam back into a plastic material. Once all the acetone is released the Styrofoam turns into a hard plastic again.

By Tanner Martin

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Egg in the Bottle Experiment

Title of Experiment: The egg in the bottle

How I got the idea for this experiment: My dad gave me the idea, I saw him do it before.

Question or Problem: I wanted to find out why the egg would get sucked into the glass jar.

Prediction or Hypotheses: I thought that the fire would be looking for oxygen and would pull the egg in as it created a pulling suction.

Materials used: A glass jar, a hardboiled egg (peeled), matches, a paper towel

Steps taken: First we boiled an egg and then peeled it. Then we lit the paper towel and dropped it into the glass jar. Then we rested the egg, pointing down, on the top of the glass jar. Then we waited and watched as the egg was sucked in.

What happened/observations: The egg was sucked into the bottle. A popping sound occurred when it happened. The egg got ripped up as it was sucked in. The fire went out

What did I learn: I learned about atmospheric pressure. There is constant pressure from the atmosphere pressing down on the egg. There is equal pressure resisting the egg from below. When the fire took all the air out of the jar, there was no more resistance from below, and the air pressure from above forces it down into the bottle.

By Blake Martin

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cyber Science Fair

Hey Homschool parents - Join us for our Mac-Cyber Science Fair 2010! Blake and Tanner will be participating in what looks to be like a fun event! I would tell you what their projects are going to be, but then I'd have to kill ya! ;)

We will be psoting their science projects here on the KidKove blog. If uou want to participate go to

Here is how it will work: (copied from themacrak blog)

1. Spread the word out there in "cyber-land" that we will be having a homeschool Cyber Science Fair. The actual Science Fair judging dates will be held online March 5th. Judging will take place during the day with the Science Fair winners announced Saturday, March 6th, 2010 & prizes forthcoming!

2. All homeschoolers will need to be registered online by March 1, 2010 in order to receive their Science Fair information packet. Parents: (1)You must at least have email capability, but if you found us online, that shouldn't be a problem. (2)You must also have a digital camera in order to post pictures. (3)Your child must also be a student between the ages of 8 - 18 years of age, actively homeschooling.

REGISTER HERE: Send an email with your child's nickname or first name only; Age; School Grade; Science Fair Project topic; and your email contact information. You will then receive your participant packet with instructions & guidelines.

3. We will be posting links to our Cyber Projects through a posting thread (with Mr. Linky) on this blog. Each participant can post their Science Fair Project for judging via their own blog (or parent's blog). No blog, no problem - Make a comment below and we will make arrangements to have your project posted. All projects must be posted via Mr. Linky for judging by March 3rd, 2010 by 6:00 pm CST to qualify.

4. WE WILL HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING!!! Be sure to get started looking for a great project. Subscribe to this blog so you won't miss the Cyber Fair Link-Up Post, nor any of the fun prizes we will be giving away during the MAC-CYBER SCIENCE FAIR!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burning the candle at both ends

Lately I have been pondering the saying “burning the candles at both ends” and it’s meaning. How does one burn the candle at both ends? Who is to blame? What is the effect on “burnout” on an individual?

I do not have all the answers to these questions, only some personal observations mostly stemming from my own experiences. People tend to burn the candle at both ends by over involvement. This is an oversimplification of the problem though. In reality the problem occurs when we get so caught up in certain activities that we neglect other important elements of our person, like family, health, God, or our emotional well being.

Many times our passion for one thing, such as a cause, business, work or something like this can be the other end of the fire. So we have a burning passion to succeed or make a difference burning at one end and overworking/neglect burning at the other end of the candle of our life. Then we add in the pressures of everyday life and work. Facing the same obstacles and struggles over and over again with no resolution in sight can cause a person to experience anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Who is to blame for this phenomenon? It can be easy to cast the blame on others, the boss, the public, a spouse, co-workers, society in general or even God. In then end the blame lays mostly at the feet of the person doing the “burning.” We choose to ignore certain elements of our life or hyper-focus on others at the expense of the most important ones. Our culture as a whole can share some of the burden though. We tend to value the difference makers and the corporate success stories much more than we do the relational success stories. Still, it is our decision if we are going to be ruled by the culture, or live counters cultural.

The effect of burnout is interesting because it often takes us back to the place where we should be. Burnout can lead to a loss of passion and desire. It can cause a person to rethink their values and refocus on what is important. It can be the impetus to examine your life’s calling and simplify your existence. Burnout may sideline a person from what society sees as the ultimate game – their career or the pursuit of a more money, but it can also allow a person to pursue other things and abandon the pursuit of riches, fame, accolades, security, stability, popularity and respectability.

Burnout can help us put on another set of life lenses and examine our motives, our gifts, our limitations and our dreams. Some people face this by working harder, or buying more toys, or even giving up on what once meant the most to them (God, their spouse or their life). I see this burnout experience as a fork in the road. It often happens to us in our thirties, forties or fifties and can be used by God is a life path adjustment.

So what is God doing in my life as I stare down at a burned-up candle? Right now I am praying and seeking God for guidance. I am also talking with my wife, with friends and with a counsellor to examine my next steps. For the moment though I am trying to reconnect with the most vital aspects of my life, with God, with my wife, with my kids and with myself. God bless you along your journey.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day Madlib

My kids love madlibs, and as a homeschool parent I came up with the idea of a Groundhog day madlib! You can use it if you want. I simply found a Groundhog Day poem for little kids and turned into something fun for tween boys!

The orginal poem by Barbara Walker

There are shadows you make in the sunshine,

There are shadows you make by the lamp,

There are shadows that lurk in the forest

While you tell creepy stories at camp.

There are shadows that help you with puppets,

And shadows; you make just for play,

But the shadow that's famous is Groundhog's,

When he tells whether winter's to stay.

Let's go out very early this morning

And watch for his shadow, my son;

It may not be at all scientific,

But you've got to admit that it's fun!

There are shadows you make in the _______________ (noun)

There are shadows you ___________(verb) by the lamp,

There are __________________(noun plural) that lurk in the ___________ (place)

While you tell creepy stories at _________________ (place).

There are _________________(Noun plural) that help you with puppets,

And shadows; you __________ (verb) just for play,

But the shadow that's famous is Groundhog's,

When he tells whether ____________ (Famous person) is to stay.

Let's ____________ (verb) very early this morning

And watch for his ________________ (Animal) , my son;

It may not be at all ______________ (adjective),

But you've got to admit that it's fun!