Monday, June 26, 2006

Day that will live forever

Yesterday I had the great honor of baptizing nine great kids at our celebration service. It was a bit of a stress as our baptismal tank in our new building was leaking and we had to find an alternative. So we drained our pool in our backyard, cleaned it up, set it back up in our fellowship hall (umm excuse me The Commons), and filled it up Sunday afternoon. Actually it was alot of work. I got pretty emotional as I baptized these kids, and then came my oldest son Blake. Wowzers - it was hard but one of the greatest things I have ever done as a children's pastor. I will remember this day forever.


Parker said...

It was an amazing night! The testimonies of all those kids was powerful!! What an amazing group!

Kandace said...

I was overcome with emotion watching these wonderful kids being baptized. Watching them grow physically and spiritually has been a true blessing.