Monday, April 09, 2007


We had a great Easter this year. It was especially nice with David and Chace with us too. It was very cold though. Check out the highlights:

David got a ton of eggs at church. It was stinkin' cold and so windy. We were forced to do the entire hunt inside. We did an egg drop after the hunt and poor Pastor Grant was on top of the church dropping the packages off the roof.

Tanner with his helmet.

Blake and Tanner's baskets were hidden in their fort we built last year. Yes we did our home hunt outside. It was close to 50 degrees Sunday afternoon.

Chace at church hunt. We had Kid Kove packed out with the real little ones.

Blake and his alien egg.

Kyle Foutz at church with our Easter Bunny. The guy who did the bunny would be the last person I would have guessed would volunteer for the spot but he did great. He's a taxidermist. I didn't even know there were anymore of those!

Even the nursery at church doubled for a room to find eggs!

Church on Sunday went pretty good. We had what I believe is our largest attendance ever in CM (343 kids). We did a lesson in Kid Kove called Snow based off the scripture in Isaiah that says your sins are like scarlet but they will be made white as snow. It went really well and there was a point when you could have heard a pin dropped when I talked about how much Jesus loves us and really what Easter is all about. It's all a big celebration of what Jesus did for us.

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April said...

great egg hunt. Mikayla had nightmares about the easter bunny, lol. And sunday morning we found about 8 more eggs still in the nursery!!! LOL. Great time on saturday though with everyone. thanks