Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top 10 favorite sacred Christmas songs

OK when I say sacred I mean a song that speaks of the true meaning of Christmas - the coming of the Savior Jesus into the world in some way.

10. Silent Night - can you have Christmas without singing this?

9. Heirlooms by Amy Grant - I know I am a sentimental sap

8. Little Drummer Boy by Go Fish - modern and fun version

8. God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen by Reliant K - hard rockin Christmas!

7. Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant

6. The Gift by Jim Brickman and Susan Ashton

5. Christmas with a Capital C by Go fish - preach it brothers!

4. Happy Birthday Jesus - by the Brooklyn Tabernacle kids choir - so to the point

3. Who Would Imagine a King? - by Whitney Houston (her voice is 2nd to only my wife's)

2. Mary did You Know? by Michael English

1. Oh Holy Night - Patsy would prefer Josh Groban or Celine Dion by my favorite version is by Patsy Martin.

Sorry no winner on this contest!

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Cassady's said...

I forgot how great that Michael English song is!!
I can't think of a guess other than What Child is This