Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I recently crossed over the 40 milestone in my life. Brendan also turned 4 in December and now my father-in-law John Huene is turning 80 this month. So all these neatly aligned milestones got me thinking about the big differences between four, forty and eighty. Here are a few I observed.

Teeth: Brendan wants to loose his, I'm trying to keep mine and John has already lost his!

Drinks: Brendan loves Kool-aid, I love Dr. Pepper (non-diet) John loves Ensure

Naps: Brendan doesn't want take them, I wish I could take them and John can't help but take them

Books: Brendan likes large pictures, I like large novels and John likes large print

Favorite actor: Brendan likes Spider Man, I like Harrison Ford and John likes John Wayne

Favorite food: Brendan likes candy, I like shrimp, John likes his puréed

Clothes: Brendan likes shirts with dinosaurs on them, I like jeans and a hoodie and John likes Velvet

TV: Brendan likes Nick Jr., I like ESPN and and John likes the Hallmark Channel

Medicine: Brendan takes some when he is sick, I take a pill a day and John has the pharmacy on speed dial

Hair: Brendan hates getting his washed, I hate the dry scalp and John is just glad he has hair

Christmas: Brendan loves the presents, I love the down time and John loves when all the grandkids go home

Memory: Brendan remembers everything, I cant remember what I had for breakfast and John has forgotten more than the rest of us know

Sex: Not going there

Music: Brendan likes Go fish, I like 80s and 90s music and John likes Perry Como

Offspring: Brendan - playbuddies, Me - five boys, really? John - too many to remember their names

All kidding aside I have no issues hitting forty and I hope I can be half as healthy and active as John when I hit 80! He is a good man and a great father-in-law and grandpa!

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Kandace Raymond said...

Very entertaining! Loved and I have quite a bit in common. Kira is 3, I am 45 and my Mom is 63 Thanks for the laughs!