Sunday, February 21, 2010

Egg in the Bottle Experiment

Title of Experiment: The egg in the bottle

How I got the idea for this experiment: My dad gave me the idea, I saw him do it before.

Question or Problem: I wanted to find out why the egg would get sucked into the glass jar.

Prediction or Hypotheses: I thought that the fire would be looking for oxygen and would pull the egg in as it created a pulling suction.

Materials used: A glass jar, a hardboiled egg (peeled), matches, a paper towel

Steps taken: First we boiled an egg and then peeled it. Then we lit the paper towel and dropped it into the glass jar. Then we rested the egg, pointing down, on the top of the glass jar. Then we waited and watched as the egg was sucked in.

What happened/observations: The egg was sucked into the bottle. A popping sound occurred when it happened. The egg got ripped up as it was sucked in. The fire went out

What did I learn: I learned about atmospheric pressure. There is constant pressure from the atmosphere pressing down on the egg. There is equal pressure resisting the egg from below. When the fire took all the air out of the jar, there was no more resistance from below, and the air pressure from above forces it down into the bottle.

By Blake Martin

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