Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have gone Duggar crazy

I am not sure why but recently my wife and I have really gotten hooked on the Duggars TV program on TLC. We have been recording back-shows and watching them like crazy. Maybe it is because we have five kids and we like to pick up good ideas on how to parent a large family! Of course I realize they have a lot more kids - almost 4 times as many. Still I think some of the principles apply.
I have been challenged to be more positive. Jim Bob Duggar (you got to love that name!) is a very positive dad, always encouraging his family. Patsy says she is inspired by how Michelle Duggar is always talking so patiently and never yelling at her kids. They are also very organized. We have learned that with five boys you have to be organized. Patsy is great at this, laying out menus and grocery lists and smile charts and weekly school assignments for the boys. We have also had chore charts before.
Anyone else Duggar fans?


Anonymous said...

I am also a BIG fan of the Duggar family, I don't have any children yet but I am really inspired by how kind everyone is to each other, they always have something nice and encouraging to say to and about each other. It has inspired me to seek a greater relationship with god and use JOY- Jesus first, others second and yourself last! Your boys are beautiful. what are their names?

mmartin said...

Blake, Tanner, David, Brendan and Chase! Thanks for the compliment on the boys!