Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 10 things I’ll miss about Canada.

10. Gravy on your fries.
9. Ice Capps from Tim Hortons especially in the summer!
8. Crabby Joes - Kids eat free on Sundays.
7. Niagara Falls – it’s like the Pigeon Forge of the North.
6. Canada’s Worst Handyman – a Canada Discovery Channel show. Makes me feel better about my own skills
5. Moose Winooski’s! Pie in the face and moose helmet on your birthday. Sweet.
4. Really cheap cookies and fabric softener.
3. Learning French on the back of food cartons and labels.
2. The toonie and the loonie. How nice is it to get the change out of your ashtray and realize you have like $20!
1. Timbits!!!

Of course the real number one thing we will miss is the great people we have met and Forward Church and its staff and members! God bless.

1 comment:

Patsy Martin said...

OK Mister! When did you Ice Caps without me? I want one! However, gravy on fries would not be on my list anywhere. Gotta have mashed potatoes with my KFC.