Thursday, September 21, 2006


Working with children is always full of surprises. One of the little things that just recently took me off guard was how many children I heard talking about the death of Steve Irwin. So much so that I even felt a need to pray for his family in Kid Kove.

Actually its cool that he had such an impact on kids. In that sense of the word I looked up to him. Anybody who can be a little silly and way creative in teaching kids is alright with me. As long as the message is truthful. One of my unsung hereos is Mr. Rogers. What a great guy he was. He just plugged away at year after year and he was really an upstanding guy. He was a Christian too. I heard somewhere that the Croc hunter was too. I hope so. I'd like to see him in the "Children's Heroes" wing of heaven.

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Parker said...

Have you heard the speech Irwin's daughter gave, it is quite amazing for a child her age.