Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lego fun

We started a new series in Kid Kove based on Legos. The first week was a huge hit. Blake and Tanner got inot the spirit and built some lego creations with a Biblical theme. Take a look.

I challenged all the kids to make some Bible Lego creations, so we'll see what they come up with the next few weeks.


Parker said...

What a cool concept.

Daniel said...

This seems like an incredible amount of fun! No doubt that it was a huge hit.

For a while a few years ago, I was trying to get started a "Building Blocks of the Faith" curriculum, complete with Brick Testament-style add-ons to the stories and some sort of Lego "set" they'd get to build during the time. I could never get it going, but you've now inspired me to revisit the idea –except I think I'll forsake all set LEGO "directions" altogether and simply do what you've done, challenge the kids to make Bible Lego creations and use LEGOs to "reflect" on the stories each time.

mmartin said...

I would be glad to share the ppts we did for this series.