Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another holiday anomoly

When and where did the holiday family newsletter get started? Who invented it and what coursed through their brain during this moment of mad-scientist style inventive streak? What do these updates have to do with the birth of God's Son? It is another holiday anomaly much like eggnog, ornaments shaped like tiny mp3 players and Elvis singing the Christmas blues. no evil conspiracy theorist here - is just boggles the mind. What is even weirder than the newsletter is that I read them all. Call the men from Padded Cells Inc. but I actually like to hear them. One of the oddities about these little letters is people are allowed to refer to themselves in the third person without any recrimination. I mean this sort of habit may have cost Bob Dole the presidency in 1996 (who can forget "Bob Dole would make a great president"?).

Major confession here - I have written them before. Not my wife but me a real football loving long underwear wearing guy - writes the newsletter every couple of years when we send one out. Patsy does proofread.

So I will post the 2006 Martin family Christmas Newsletter here soon. Wait in abated breath for Marty Martin to talk about himself in the third person.


april said...

you can tie the newsletter to the birth of JEsus, if they include praises for what God has done for you this past year.
My problem, my memory doesn't work so well, so I never get a newsletter done!!

Susan T said...

I am sooo excited about your forthcoming newsletter. I do not refer to myself in the 3rd person because, who are we kidding??? My husband did not write the letter!!!