Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This December in Kid Kove I decided to do a series based on the Charlie Brown Christmas story. So far it has gone very well. December 3rd we talked about the crazy rush of Christmas spotlighting Snoopy's quest for victory in the decorating contest. December 10th we looked at what some of the Peanuts gang wanted for Christmas and talked about what Jesus might want from us for Christmas (Sally really rang it home with the wish for 10s and 20s). This week we will talk about Charlie Brown's tree and and how like this tree and Jesus many things start with humble beginnings but God has a special plan for them (and us). On Christmas Eve we will talk about how Luke and Linus were in agreement on the real meaning of Christmas. It's so great working with kids you get to relive your own childhood at times which is not really what its all about but hey we take what we can get!

In a totally unrelated story - Tuesday was my 37th birthday and one of the 3rd grade girls gave me a card she made. I scanned the inside because it was cool!

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april said...

I just might come hang ou tin Kid Kove!! Sounds like a great message.
Love the card too