Monday, June 04, 2007

Awana finishes up

Tanner and Pastor Grant show off the clubber of the year award

Blake glories in his second book award for T and T

Dennis Lee came May 23rd and as usual he was a riot!

Dennis stops to pose with some of the boys!

We had a great last two weeks of Awana with Dennis Lee coming on may 23rd and then Awards Night on May 30th! We had over 200 people at each event which is great for a normal Awana crowd! I think everybody is relieved to finish the year on a good note! June 3rd was Promotion Sunday and I'm always sad to see some of 5th graders move up. We had a great group this year move into the youth ministry. there has been lots of sad goodbyes as my boss Pastor Jon Allen left Sunday to plant a church in Michigan. you can read more about the Allen family in their blog which is linked to the right. They have the two greatest little girls who are twins. I got to teach them in Kid Kove Jr. Sunday and they were so fun!

With Pastor Jon leaving lots of changes are taking place. One of the changes is that i am now overseeing the student (youth) ministry which is also undergoing a change. Pastor Larry our current student (youth) pastor is moving on (June 10th will be his last Sunday) and Pastor Paul from Southern Wesleyan University is moving in starting July 1st. Wow it feels like a whirlwind! pray for our church through all these changes if you would!

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April said...

heard lots of good things about Awanas, can't wait for me and Mikayla to join in the fall!!