Thursday, August 02, 2007

VBS Day 4 and 5

We wrapped up the regular VBS program tonight. Tomorrow we still have the carnival. It was a very good week and the carnival hopefully will be great too. Patsy got a pie tonight even though the girls won the offering contest. She said she was "so confident" the boys would lose she didn't even think they could bring in $400 for the week and if they did he would take a pie no matter what. Well they doubled that and so three of us got a pie tonight, Patsy, Grant and myself. I will post video later.
Some VBS stats
average attendance - 250
Total number of kids coming through - 318
Offering total - $1,775
Who knows how many volunteers! At least 100.

Special thanks to our directors

Preschool Pastor Grant Beecher
Games director - David Raymond
Preschool Games Director - Robin Kingery
Head Teacher - Shawnee Leonard
Crafts director and Elementary Worship - Patsy
Preschool Worship - Dee Lupiya
Head Coach - Sara Willard
5th/6th Grade Boys Director - Becky Reed
5th/6th Grade Girls Director - Phyllis Booth
Registration and Office - Jody Hendrix
VBS Nurse - Angie Lauridsen
Snacks Director - Judy Avis
Offering Counters - Opal Keller

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April said...

hate that I missed it this year I always enjoy volunteering. looking forward to next summer when mikayla can attend and I can volunteer again, you guys do an awesome job!!