Sunday, August 26, 2007

We're baaack

We had a very nice vacation visiting family and friends in Illinois. Lots of rain but some sunshine too. David and Chace did really great in the car too. Of course Blake and Tanner are great riders - but then again they do have a DVD.

So the vacation in review in pictures.

We stopped first in Aurora to visit my sister Becky and her family. They have three kids ages 4 - 8. We got to visit a small (free!) zoo and also we went to Rainforest Cafe and of course ordered a couple of volcano dessert. David was quite amazed by the growling leopard.

One of the reasons we went back this summer was to check in on my mother whose health keeps deteriorating. She is staying with my grandmother and aunt in Rockford. As you can see you the photo with Blake and Tanner she is really not doing well. She did know who I was but she couldn't place Patsy. Tanner did such a good job though giving her hugs and holding her hand. David held her hand too.

David and Chace got a free ride on my mom's wheelchair too! Blake is standing next to my Grandma Martin. She is 85 years young!

We did some sightseeing in and around Rockford including Sinnissippi Gardens and the Chief Blackhawk statue. We also got to swim at Uncle Bill and Aunt Beth's house.

We also visited Aunt Sue's farm where the boys got to feed a baby cow, hold little chicks, pet llamas and find duck eggs. They also got to visit with their second cousin Abby.

We drove into Wauconda where we got to meet with Pastor Karl the founder and creator of and Toybox Tales! We also went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Crystal's where Blake and Tanner got to go into a secret compartment and play Legos and they saw the world's biggest mushroom.

On the way home we stopped at a glass blowing factory and the gift shop was wall to wall glass items. How did we get 4 boys through this glass maze without breaking a single thing? Superior parenting of course! :)

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