Friday, November 30, 2007

Monster tree

We cut down our tree Sunday as we are in the process or transforming our home into a Christmas wonderland. This has been our tradition for 14 Christmases (or is it Christmasi?).

We cut down the biggest most garantuan tree we have ever gotten this year. Of course we had to hall up hill to our van. Thanks to Blake, Tanner and even David for helping me haul it. It is a full 8 feet tall and very full. Patsy is standing next to here, although you can't see the bottom.
After we set the tree up star, our cat found a comfortable and sweet smelling place to sleep. She didn't appreciate the flash though.

Since the tree is too tall for our star this year Blake decided to be a be the star himself!


April said...

awesome tree!! Our cats also take over the tree skirt area before I can get gifts under it.

Eri said...

Huge tree!! Wow! My mother-in-law's cat actually climbs up inside the tree and lays on the branches. It's pretty freaky when you are looking at the ornaments and you see cat eyes staring at you from inside the tree!