Monday, December 03, 2007

The Bridge

We started our new series in Kid Kove Sunday called the Gift. Sunday's main idea was that God gave the Most. I showed this clip from Godtube (see above link). We had a fairly emotional response from some kids - including my two oldest. I had some good conversations with Blake and Tanner afterwards, which led me to feel good about my choice in showing this video. The room was very quiet when we showed the video- pin drop quiet. My feeling was that sometimes the true story of Jesus gets so sugar coated and we take it for granted - even kids do. This was a real reminder or picture of what God actually did. It is unsettling, but sometimes even kids need to be "unsettled". In perspective I would say we showed this clip to the elementary aged kids and had surrounding discussion both before and after the clip. We had a lite and funny skit and a magic trick and a power point so it wasn't all "heavy". Needless to say this was not without controversy. Parents have been supportive yet concerned, which I appreciate. I am interested in the constructive comments you might have in my choice to show this clip. Also I urge anyone to watch this to bring back the true meaning of Christmas to all of our hearts! Any parents attempting to clean up after a children's pastor can also watch it and get a good idea of what we watched.
One other God thing about yesterday and this clip. Pastor Ott and I never talked but while I was showing this clip in Kid Kove he was telling the story in the adult service! It gives me goosebumps!


Eri said...

Wow, thank you for sharing. I know my girls were not there to veiw this, but as a parent, I appreciate pastors like you who want our children to completely understand God's love. I regret that the girls are not under your spiritual leadership anymore. Keep up the good work, we miss you.

saraw said...

We completely trust what the Lord leads you to do Pastor Marty. I know you hear from God and it is evident. You do a great job. Our kids are blessed to glean from you each week. Thanks for all you do.