Friday, February 08, 2008

Brendan Dayne Miller

It's hard to believe but yes we have opened our home to another little boy! Brendan came to stay with us today for an indefinite amount of time (yes it is possible he will never leave!). Brendan turned two on December 28th so he is right in between Chace and David in age. Like having triplets. He is a such a cute little boy with big brown eyes and wavy black hair. He is a real good talker and David and he have become great friends already. He also likes the big boys and the cat alot! Today he came right to me and I held in him in my arms. After his nap he was asking for mommy and I was so sad, but then Patsy came into the room and he held out his hands and said mommy. Brendan has been in foster care since October. Pray for him (and us :) when you think of it! Enjoy the first photos.

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April said...

what another amazing blessing