Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We had the big court date yesterday and things went very well for David and Chace. The court terminated parental rights which is allwoing us to proceed with adoption plans. The parents will most likely appeal this decisions but the circuit court rarely overturns the lower courts' decision. this was the big hurdle and now there a couple more smaller hurdles to get over. Still we put all things in God's hands! It was cool how all the state people who testified talked about how amazing David's recovery has been. the judge even said it is "nothing short of a miracle."
Secondly Brendan is doing very well all things considered. He does prefer men and when he feels a little insecure he gravitates towards the man in the room he knows the best. He likes me and he also goes to Blake when I'm not there. Thanks to Mr. Ed and Lee Hill for keeping him comforted on Sunday. Our prayer for him right now is to get comfortable and feel safe and open his heart to female caregivers. Thanks to those who prayed for us and him.

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