Monday, April 14, 2008

Huddle Highlights

PWC hosted a regional Wesleyan Children's ministry training event on Saturday and I felt very happy when it was all done. It was everything we hoped it would be. A few highlights:

  • Pastor Karl was tremendous. His messages on relating to kids and the basics of children's ministry were so timely. He really inspired and challenged so many of us!
  • Teamwork. I was so proud of our staff. they all pulled together and made this event happen. It was so nice to have a team backing me up.
  • Great workshops. I heard lots of good buzz about all our break-out speakers.
  • Excellent lunch. Great job to Greg Beecher and Memories!
  • Good district response. When all was said and done there were 22 churches represented and 135 attendees.
  • The vendor area was tremendous for a conference of this size.
  • Personally it was really cool for our family to hang out with Pastor Karl. He consulted for us on Sunday morning and gave us some good feedback. We were a little upset he ate Tanner's snake Slidey though! :(


Karl Bastain said...

Sorry about eating the snake! I didn't think he would slither down to quickly! Yuck!

Hey, AWESOME job on the conference, it was obvious a lot of hard work and careful planning went in to it. I was honored to be there and had a great time.

What a fantastic church and team, I want your job! :-D

Todd said...

Marty it sounds like a great time was had by all. I saw your pictures of your place over on Karl's blog. Way to go!!

Selina Wheeler said...


What a great weekend it looks like you had. Congrats on the Huddle.

And isn't it exciting when God allows us to have a pat on the back also. We don't live for them, but they are nice. Karl's write up was AWESOME! Congrats!

Your ministry looks exciting and God is definitely blessing. You guys keep on keeping on.

Selina Wheeler
CP United Wesleyan Church
Charlotte, NC

April said...

hey pastor marty, so glad it went well. thank you so much for allowing the dance team to be a part of it.