Friday, April 04, 2008

The wedding

We had such a great time in California and did so many things I need to break them up as I think of them and write about them. First of the wedding. We all love Bonnie my dad's new wife. All the kids think she's great too. They were supposed to get married in her parent's yard. They live on a farm and have very nice gazebo ( we all like her parents a lot too). Anyway it was raining so we moved the wedding into their barn. It was too cool. The kids loved it. Family sang all the songs. Bonnie's daughter Samantha and her niece Kim sang worship songs to open it up. Then several grand kids sang Amazing Grace as Bonnie came down the "aisle". Patsy sang Be Exalted during the Salt ceremony and and my sisters Becky and Rachel and brother-in-law Joe sang a song I can't remember and then Forever Grateful during communion. Bonnie's daughter is ordained and did the Salt ceremony and my brother-in-law Matt who is a chaplain officiated the communion. I was privledged to do the ceremony and then mess up the wedding license! Also -my dad was quick to the draw and said I do a little early. I guess he was anxious.
We didn't get too many good pictures from the wedding due to Patsy signing and little hay particles shining off the flash. We will wait for the official ones from Joe and post some later. Anyway we have a couple of pics to post.


Eri said...

Did you take all the kids or just Tanner and Blake?

April said...


mmartin said...

We just took Blake and Tanner. They needed jsut a little mom an dad times too themselves! Plus thats a long trip for three little guys and a mom who hates flying!