Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

This is the second year children's ministries has sponsored a trunk or treat at Parkway. We moved it inside last night because it was cold and very windy (up on the top of the mountain!). Last year we estimated about 600 children and adults were part of trunk or treat, while this year we estimate we doubled that. Beyond the numbers there were lots more "non-Parkway" people here, which is in-line with what we are hoping to accomplish. Our goals for this event can be summed into three lines.

1. to reach out to our community and give our church members an easy event to invite people to.

2. To promote an event where families can do something fun together at church.

3. to offer an all-church event where lots of people can have fun together who do not see each other during a normal church week.

I felt like the mission was accomplished.

Why did it grow so much from last year. Here are my thoughts:

  • 2nd year activities are always bigger if the first year is successful

  • We have a digital sign on Orange Ave. that we advertised on

  • We did not do this event on Halloween so people could do this and be in their neighborhoods.

Next year I would like to provide families with full color hand-outs to give their neighbors during trick or treat which highlights our children's ministry at Parkway.

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Cassady's said...

Great job, it's an increbible ministry!