Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who belongs in the MLB Hall of Fame?

The Baseball Writer's Association yesterday announced that Rickey Hendersen and Jim Rice were voted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. For another $5 Starbucks card can you guess my number 1 player who I think belongs in the hall of fame? (the players have to be eligible, and this is for players only, no umpires, managers or owners).

10. Shoeless Joe Jackson, Chicago Black Sox (see number 3)
9. Gil Hodges, 1st baseman for the Dodgers
8. Jim Kaat- lot of wins for a pitcher not in the hall of fame, more than Jim Palmer, Bob Feller and Robin Roberts
7. Mark McGwire - yes he took the juice but at some point so many of the players of this era did and the voters is going to have the hitters on steroids were hitting against pitchers on steroids.
6. Dale Murphy - pre steroid slugger was a multiple MVP winner that put fear in hearts of opposing teams
5.Bobby Mathews - pre-1900 pitcher who won 297 wins. Has most wins of any pitcher not in hall of fame
4. Bert Blyleven - pre-steroids pitcher who racked up a ton of wins and strikeouts on very bad teams
3. Pete Rose - Cincinnati Reds Charlie Hustle all time hits leader! I say the guy should be banned from baseball for life - but that doesn't mean he isn't a hall of famer (same argument for Jackson)
2. Ron Santo - there are only 13 third basemen in the hall of fame - the lowest of any position. Santo is one of the best 3rd basemen of all time period!
1. Andre Dawson - the former Cub could change a game. Other teams feared him and if he palyed for your team you knew he was the difference maker on the field.
Sorry no correct guesses!


keith lawler said...

Ron Santo, my childhood favorite. then Shoeless Joe. My youngest son matthew keeps holding our for Shoeless Joe as do for Santo.

Kayla Wiseman said...

My baseball fan husband's answer is Roger Maris.