Friday, February 20, 2009

The sticker door

With the selling of the house we have had to make as many improvements as we can - of course. In the midst of the painting and packing and cleaning we had to let go of a Martin family icon, a little piece of Americana, the Sticker Door. Blake and Tanner wanted to collect stickers. In their old room there was a door leading into the attic that I told them they could stick their stickers on. Over the past six years this door amassed a large amount of stickers. Everything from Spider Man, Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse and Smokey the Bear!

I always liked to think of it as the Smithsonian of stickers. Alas and alack all things must come to an end and so the needs of the many (our family) outweigh the needs of the one (the sticker door) and ti was stripped of its glory with a little soap and water and a butter knife! Six years of of kid culture and nothing to show for it but a little faded stain on an attic door!

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