Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two additional books for review

Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo


Blake 3 1/2 stars - it was funny and adventurous, but it was kind of bizarre

Tanner 2 stars - it was all mixed up and a mouse could never love a princess

Marty 3 stars - good fun, but a little dark at times for kids

Patsy 4 stars - There were good moral values. I was a little sad about Migory Sow, but I like how Despereaux did the right thing in spite of peer pressure.

Warriors - Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Blake 4 stars - Packed with adventure and you could never figure out what was next

Tanner 5 stars - I loved this book. It was full of fighting, surviving and adventures

Marty 3 1/2 stars - very well written , but for me cats as organized warrior clans just was a lot to swallow. Better if they were fighting dogs that other cat clans maybe. But this was a book that kept my boy's interest.

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