Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mayberry, NC

Barney Fife: [Barney is writing a song, doesn't know Andy is standing behind him, sung to the tune of Clementine] "In a jailhouse/down in dixie/fighting crime and risking lives/live a sheriff/ and his buddy pistol packing Barny Fife. Oh my daring/oh my daring/ oh my daring Barney Fife/He's a deadly crime stopper/what a copper Barney Fife. Then one day there/came a ridin'/two bad men to rob a bank. But Fife was tricky/a deadeye dickie/now they're locked up in the tank.... Andy Taylor: ...Oh my Barney/Oh my Barney/had a jail but couldn't lock it/had one bullet for his pistol/had to keep it in his pocket" - From a great episode of the Andy Griffith Show

I love The Andy Griffth Show and especially the Don Knotts character Barney Fife. There are so many great moments in the show and they are still funny today after all these years. I have always wanted to visit Andy Griffith's hometown and Mayberry inspiration, Mt. Airy, North Carolina. After almost six years of living two hours away from the place we finally took a day trip earlier this month. It's nothing major but it was fun to see some of the memorabilia, from the show, meet the real life Floyd and eat at Barney cafe! Enjoy the pictures.

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