Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why am I a Children's Pastor?

One of the things that Children's Pastors/Directors hear alot when building a team is the "I'm not good with kids" or "I don't have the temperament for kids" or even "I can't relate to kids"

Over the years this has caused me to wonder and deliberate. I'm pretty introspective and question on my own heart often. When I first started in ministry children was under the umbrella of things I took care. My title was Christian Education. I refused to be called a Children's Pastor as if this were some sort of pariah. But through the years and under the influence of others (especially the Holy Spirit) I have become passionate about ministering to children and their families. So why am I a Children's Pastor? First of all why I am not a CP:

1. Because I am naturally skilled or talented a it: Not so, everything I do I've learned to do. Any person who has a small degree of intelligence can do this.

2. Because I couldn't find another position. Not true - I've been offered several times.

3. Because I don't want to grow up. While it certainly helps to enjoy kid things it also takes a mature person to be able to handle this job. Send the immatures to the student ministry. :)

4. Because I want free trips to summer camp every year and free admission to the skating rink during the lock-in. Give me a break

5. Because I can't relate to adults. I oversee over 200 adults who volunteer and have many parents who call me with questions and concerns. If you can't relate to adults your sunk.

6. Because I'm called to do it. Not sure If I'm called or if I just volunteered?

So why am I a Children's Pastor the Top 11

1. Because kids are hands down the most open people to God's truth and love in the world.
2. Because if Jesus came to my church in human form He would volunteer with the kids.
3. Because if we don't reach this generation of kids the church in America is in deep trouble.
4. Because almost 40% of the world is a kid. The largest and ripest harvest ever!
5. Because God has His eyes squarely on this generation of kids. I believe its where its at!
6. Because parents need committed people to come along side them and be partners in raising kids who love Jesus.
7. Because there are not enough people who really care about kids in the world.
8. Because I want to change the world and the only people who really do that work with kids. Jesus knew this. So did Hitler.
9. Satan is obsessed with destroying kids. He pours billions of dollars every year into doing this.
10. Kids are authentic and really have nothing they want from you other than real love and some reasonable rules designed to protect them. They also forgive mistakes (like the ppt slide has a misspelled word) real quickly.
11. This is the bonus. I think it is totally cool to be my kid's pastor. Of course this will only last so long but while it lasts I really enjoy it.

Considering all this who wouldn't want to invest their life in children?

So will I always be a Children's Pastor I don't know. But I will always work with and invest my life in kids.

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Eri said...

Great answers! I'm so glad my girls have you as their children's pastor! They are blessed.

amy said...

Great post! I especially like #8 - I also dream of changing the world - and believe that changing the world for kids is one of the greatest things a person could do with his/her life. Keep up the great work!

Rags said...

stumbled upon your blog. thanks for the list. it helps me learn a bit more about why I'm one as well...