Sunday, June 01, 2008

Order of the Ancient

Our latest book is a novel by Karl Bastian called Order of the Ancient. In the interest of full disclosure I am friend of Karl's and serve as a Team member for his website All ratings are based on a five star system.

Tanner - 5 stars, because I loved it! I liked Josiah's urge to tell people about God!

Blake - 4 stars. I liked the parts when they infiltrated bases when he saved people and he got the Bible back.

Patsy - 4 stars. I really liked that the book showed how hard it could be to be a Christian and yet how easy it is for us today. It's too easy for us to take it for granted.

Marty - 4.5 stars . I love it when there is a great Christian book with adventure and intrigue for kids. Boys especially need to know that Christianity is an adventure!

BTW - We have some copies of the Order of the Ancient for sale in the KidZone store. Check out his site at


Karl Bastian said...

thanks for the review! Is the scale 1-10, or 1-5? :-D Tanner is now my favorite Martin with his "5" :)

J/K, it was fun to get to meet all of you and play in your backyard. bummed I missed out on meeting the dead owl!

(poor guy)

mmartin said...

1 to 5 Karl!