Monday, June 16, 2008

A special class

Yesterday we graduated our 5th grade students from church on up to the middle school ministry. this was a very special class for me for several reasons.

  • Several were in kindergarten when we first came here. I am the only children's pastor they have had through all of elementary. We have been through tons of events (5 VBS weeks!), broken up fights, watched friendships form, had them over to play with our kids, given out awards, and two of these kids lost parents in the 2nd grade. We are close with many of their parents as well.

  • This is a class of special potential. My prayer is that many spiritual giants come form this class.

  • Our oldest son Blake is in this class. Wow this is a little sad for me. Plus his friends have been over to our house much more than other kids so I know many of them really well. We've jumped on the trampoline together and they've swung on my tire swing and camped out in my backyard!

Feeling kind of philsophical about all this I have been thinking kids growing up is like art and progress:

You can't rush art and you can't stop progress. So we'll enjoy every stage!


April said...

wow, time goes by so quickly!!

Anonymous said...

You have done (and are doing) an amazing job. These spiritual giants have learned from some of the BEST!!!! Like I told you, Lindsay loves Kid Kove so much that she doesn't want to leave - she may still be lingering when she is sixteen... Thanks for everything. WE are blessed. Sara

Shawnee Leonard said...

I am so honored to have you and Patsy with my Emma for her time in Children's ministry! I am also honored to have shared them with you myself! I pray we have many more years togther! I have 2 more for you to help train up! Thanks for everything! You have made a differnce in my family's lives!