Monday, June 09, 2008

Big weekend

We had a very busy weekend. On top of Tanner's baptism we went to Richmond to a Homeschool conference called Heav, see here. We learned lots and saw some sights too. The canal I am standing in front of is over 200 hundred years old and was concieved in the mind of George Washington. We also saw the capital building and the Confederate whitehouse. We had fun just being with our friends the Knicks too.

Then on Saturday my sister Rachel and her family and my sister Becky came to Roanoke for final get-together before the Cassadys head to South Korea. It was fo course very sad to say goodbye for 2-3 years to them. It is hard to beleive but Blake will be a teenager when they get back.

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April said...

how was the conference?
It was awesome seeing the baptism on sunday, wonderful testimony video by him as well!!