Friday, January 12, 2007

Compassion International

I am big supporter of this para-church organization. My whole life is built on the idea of making the most with the time, resources and talents God has given us. This is a big reason I work with kids because in the big scheme of things I am like a bug on the windshield of the Mack Truck of history. Maybe a germ. But I have a chance to impact some lives in a tremendous way by investing first in my own family and then in the lives of children and their parents. For me working strictly with adults is a comparative waste of time (for me that is). I also support missions where they spend a majority of their time and resources helping children come to know Christ and showing them some of His practical love. After all the majority of the world's population are minors - and they are more open to the Word of God. Compassion International falls right into my thinking and allows our family to make a real, lasting impact on the life of a little boy and his family. We have been supporting Jerson from Honduras for three years now. He will be eight years old this week. We write letters and draw pictures for him and he does the same for us. One day when he is older we would like to visit him. He has also ministered to our family teaching us about another culture and helping us not be so materialistic. This picture is when he was five. I have had the goal for a couple of years to have our Awana program at church support a child through Compassion but so far this has not worked out. So this year we are going to have the kids write and send pictures to Jerson with the hope of next school year "adopting" our own child. I highly recommend this ministry for families. We have been given so much and "too whom much is given much will be required."


Judah said...

that is cool. Normans have a child they support in Gautemala through Hannah's Hope.

Chad said...

Cool, my sis supports a child in Guatamala-we went there on a missions trip last year

Emily said...

As April mentioned, we support a little girl in Guatemala thru All God's Children International. It has been such a blessing. We are hoping it all works out for us to go on a missions trip there this summer thru AGCI.