Monday, January 29, 2007

CPC 2007

I just returned from CPC in Orlando along with Patsy and Pastor Grant. It was a great time. We had a blast. I am always so touched by the worship there. It is nearly impossible for me to really worship and grow in my own church. I have too many responsibilities and worries. So I have to do so in my car mostly. At CPC I can finally let go and join over 2,000 other people in the same boat. There is always such spiritual electricity in the air. Here are a few highlights:
I took an extra seminar called Disney Institute where we got to tour and see backstage including tours of The Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios. And we got to see the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom. then we went through their leadership seminar. Walt Disney is one of my heroes. They told the story of when he was on his deathbed and how he was talking to his brother Roy and looking up at the tiles in the ceiling and dreaming of what would go where in the Disney World property. He died in 1966 and I believe Disney World opened in 1971.

We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort and this is the a fountain like thing near the pool.

Mickey Mouse butter at our table each night.

The three of us at dinner one night.

Patsy and I went for lunch before our plane home at the Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. I asked for another root beer and the lady brought me a real man's glass. What a fun restaurant.

I got to meet Phil Vischer and have him sign one of his children's books. He is the creator of Veggie Tales. He had an incredibly honest and courageous talk in one of the general sessions about the bankruptcy and public auction of Big Idea. I have been chewing on this talk for the last 4 days.

The conference center where the event was held.

Sunrise one morning.

On our way home to Roanoke.


April said...

wow, what a fun trip.
What an amazing testimony Phil has

Cassady's said...

Sign me up for a trip like that!!

Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome trip.

Eri said...

Slaving for the Lord's glory...someone has to do it! Glad you guys had a good time. Would love to hear more about the Phil Visher testimony.