Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years letter to our volunteers

2007 sounds like we should all be driving around in flying cars that run off orange peels and they should have a cure for baldness by now. But life has changed a lot over the years but some things remain constant. Its during this time of the year that I like to reflect on all the things god has shown me and helped me through in this journey of life. I am so awed by the calling and passion He has given me to help change this generation of kids. To be part of the greatest spiritual movement in the history of Christians is a tremendous honor. For those of you who work in the children’s ministries you are also an amazing part of this movement. As parents. grandparents, aunts and uncle we also have the chance to impact history. I believe this group of kids will be the greatest and most influential generation ever. When we get to heaven we will truly understand how we influenced history by investing in the lives of children. I am so thankful and so proud of our group of volunteers at Parkway. When I first came here nearly four years ago the task of building a team of volunteers seemed so daunting I had only one place to turn – to God. He has brought together this team and we continue to grow in both numbers and in passion and skill. I have great ideas for the ministries to children. I would love to see a new worship room for the older kids with a great game room. I dream of the day when our playground is finished and offers parents and children a great place to enjoy fellowship. I would love to see a program started where we match children with adopted grandparents in the church. I dream of the day when there are key lay leaders in every area of children’s ministries developing and dreaming their own dreams. I would love to see the day when we take a missions trip for older elementary kids. You all have been a part of making so many dreams come true. I am excited about your involvement for the coming year! I pray God blesses each of you and your families this year.

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