Friday, July 18, 2008

Tanner's Triops

By Patsy:
I am often baffled by my own actions and find myself in situations where I am shaking my head in wonder and feeling the need to check myself into some type of mental clinic. Why is it that no animal can come across our path without it turning into a beloved family pet? I am sure my mother will swear under oath that this is NOT a trait I acquired from her. She had more sense than I do.
However, we are now the proud owners of a new pet. No, this is not the dog that my sister-in-law asked us to keep while her family moved over seas to South Korea onto an Army base.
No, this pet is not my nephew’s lizard, Leo, that also was unable to travel overseas. Although Leo has captured the hearts of each and every boy in the family, one must admit that he is not the smartest of all animals. He often walks around his aquarium looking for crickets to eat, the whole time the crickets are riding around on his back. He’s not too intelligent, but he sure is funny.
No this new pet of ours is a lot worse than any of our other pets. You see, when Leo came into our home, so did about 3 dozen crickets for him to eat. Within 48 hours, I had set up a little cricket house and looked on line to determine their favorite foods. Did you know that crickets eat oatmeal? It’s true. We fed the crickets that were in Leo’s cage and then we set up another container for the rest of the crickets. They have some nice warm bedding to hide in and little toilet paper rolls to play in, a little dish with a wet sponge for their drinks (apparently, they are dumb enough to stick their whole heads in water to drink and then drown themselves) and a little corner of oatmeal, fruits and veggies for them to snack on.
As embarrassing as this is, however, the worst part is that I have also set up a little box of dirt in the cricket container for them to lay eggs. At this time, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first cricket hatchlings as they incubate on top of our living room TV.
Then on top of this Tanner bought some “triops” at the homeschool convention we went to in Richmond. The nice thing about these guys in this video is they only live about a month!
Pray for me!!!!!

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