Friday, July 25, 2008

Two more books

We have recently read two kid's books and thought we would rate them both at the same time. However Patsy did not get to hear enough of them to comment.

The first book is an older book called the The Castle in the Attic.

Tanner 4 stars. Tanner liked it when the boy played the recorder to drown out the noises in the tempting forest.

Blake 4 1/2 stars. Blake liked the journey to the castle and seeing the dragon and going through the tempting forest and helping the man at the apple tree.

Marty 3 stars. I liked the combination of adventure and learning some good moral lessons. the boy did lie a lot at the beginning though

The second book is the last one in the A to Z series by Ron Roy called Mayflower Treasure Hunt.

Tanner 5 stars. He liked the plot to trick the bandit that Ruth Rose had.

Blake 4 stars. He liked the whole idea of treasure hunting and the bad guys chasing them.

Patsy 4 stars. She likes all the A to Z Mysteries because they are not too hard for kids to figure out. this one really brings history to life.

Marty 3.5 stars. I liked how he used a little mystery to peak interest in history.

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