Thursday, September 04, 2008

My first Top 10 list

This week I am introducing a new feature on the blog - a weekly top 10. As you may know I love lists. So I am always thinking of my own top 10 lists. Border-line mental case I know. But I am adding a twist. In a shameless effort to boost blog traffic I am going to give a prize to whoever can guess the number 1 on my list each week! The catch is you only have 48 hours to guess and then the contest closes. I will even mail the prize to you! Sometimes the prize will be new and sometimes mildly used (like a book or DVD)! You need to guess by leaving a message on the blog here. the first person to guess the correct answer this week will win a made 2 praise DVD by Uncle Charlie (brand new!)- perfect for home or at church with your kids or middle school students.

This week's list is the Top 10 most influential people in the American children's ministry movement (in My opinion)

10. Johnny Rogers Creative force behind and co-founder of KidMo curriculum

9. Willie George - the original Gospel Bill, his vision for a church that puts children's ministry first - Church on the Move - still influences the movement today

8.David Wakerley - The lead children's guy at Hillsong he is the not even an American and still made the list. Why - their children's worship DVDS!

7. Michael Chanley newcomer to the national scene he is the founder of cmconnect and CP at Southeast Christian Church

6.Christine Yount Jones - lone female on list - (sorry) she is the executive editor of widely-read Children's Ministry Magazine and website

5. Ryan Frank creator of both new K Magazine and kidzmatter website

4. Jim Wideman a true veteran of children's ministry the former CP at Church on the Move, has written many books and articles and also runs the Club with monthly podcasts for Children's pastors.

3. Karl Bastian the one person on here I know personally (I have met some of the others), he runs the premiere children's ministry website Kidology.

2. Mike Johnson - children's Pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX where the best children's church curriculum is made - Elevate

1. Reggie Joiner - former family life pastor at Northpoint Church near Atlanta, and now the director of the reThink group and the Orange Conference, God has used Reggie as a catalyst in moving children's ministry to be more family ministry and helping fuse children's and youth ministry into more cohesive ministries across the country.
Honorable mention: Craig Jutila, Sue Miller, Roger Fields, Jana Alyara, Go Fish, Harold Davis, Phil Visher, Bruce Barry, Judy Comstock, Kurt Jarvis and Mike Nawrocki.
The winner is Ninja Pastor - whoever you are send me an e-mail with where to send the DVD and congrats!
Thanks for those who guessed me - yeah right!


ninjapastor said...

reggie joiner

kidinspiration said...

dude, that is a big call... I really don't think I belong even in the same zip code of this list... but thanks...

I think number 1 is... Jesus?

Okay either Sue Miller/David Staal... someone from Willow Creek they really have contributed a lot to ministry to kids??

Glen Alan Woods said...

Sue Miller

greenmonkey said...

Jim Wideman but if it helps me win Ill say you

Todd said...

Ahhh...I was going to say you Marty to see if it would help influence a win for me.

Joshua, Abigail, Malia and Dawson said...

I would move Johnny Rogers up the list. He has the most innovative children's ministry curriculum that is on the market. Nothing else comes even close.
Great list!