Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekly top 10 contest - TV shows

This week's contest will be for $10 in Wendy's Bucks. I am counting down my favorite currently running televisions series. A few caveats. These are adult shows and not all are recommended for children (my kids don't watch some of these). Secondly I am not talking about news programs (The Factor) or sports (MNF). So guess away!

10. Destroyed in Seconds - who doesn't like to see things get blown up?

9. McBride - a show from the Hallmark channel? I could me a metro-sexual after all!

8. Flip that house - 2nd career anyone?

7. Law and Order of Criminal Intent - not as good since it moved over to USA, but looking forward to Jeff Godlbloom joining the cast.

6. Heroes - Hiro is my hero but Skyler creeps me out

5. Mythbusters -Adam and Jaimie make feel like it is cool to be a nerd!

4. The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick and company keep you riveted every show.

3. Monk - We all have a little OCD in us!

2. Chuck - once again nerds are cool and rule!

1. Psych - I love the Guster

Give it your best shot for a thick chocolate frosty! Had a reqeust for a hint - How about ebony and ivory. The winner is Ken and or Judy Davis


Eri said...

At least a little hint, come on!

April said...

I don't watch enough TV to guess off of that clue, lol.

Ken and Judy Davis said...


Karl Bastian said...

My wife LOVES Psych!