Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 10 list week 3

OK I am so confidant about this list that I am offering a $5 gift card to Starbucks! I am going to list my top 10 favorite professional athletes of all time. Keep in mind that I usually look for character, heart and teamwork to compliment ability when I cheer a particular athlete. Of course playing for a favorite team also helps.

10. Tom Waddle - never a big numbers guy, but this Bears receiver had heart and guts

9. Michael Jordan - Greatest NBA star but weak on the character side

8. Brian Urlacher - I love his intensity and sense of humor, but his choice of Paris slides him down this list

7. Scottie Pippen - Handled the term side kick so well and played great defense

6. Derrek Lee - just a class act who can hit and play first base as well as anyone

5. Mike Singletary - Samurai Mike is a strong believer

4. Mike Ditka - I know Da Coach is a caricature of himself but he is Da Coach and he was a great tight end. He played and coached with everything in him.

3. Andre Dawson - why the Hawk is not in the hall of fame is a mystery, but he was so talented and is such a great guy.

2. Ryne Sandberg - Ryno played the game with dignity and is my generation's Mr. Cub

1. Walter Payton - Sweetness was no bigger than me yet he retired the number one rusher of all time and he never dodged a tackle by runnign out of bounds. I cried when he died - ask my wife.

Honorable mention - Gale Sayers, Dan Hapmton, David Robinson, Reggie White, Tom Laandry, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, Robin Ventura, Mark Beuhrle and Rick Sutlcliffe.

No winners this week -sorry


llyolf said...

Not Sammy Sosa....

#1 - Ron Santo?

April said...

ugh, I have no clue, don't keep up with sports. stink...